Werner Koch wk at
Fri Oct 25 16:08:16 CEST 2013

On Thu, 24 Oct 2013 20:49, Nikola.Radovanovic at said:

> 1) When trying to build whole Gpg4Win i ran into several
> problems. Package for gtkhtmlviewer2 couldn't be found, but i have

Unfortunately this kind of problems happen from time to time.  You may
delete the claws-mail tar package from the packages directory to avoid
all the Claws dependencies.

> (instead plugins) on a target url. Then stow was not installed on a
> system, and i have installed it with apt-get install stow. But

Configure should have listed stow as missing, or am I wrong.

> makensis, which is missing, must be installed also. And it cannot be

Under Debian the package is "nsis".

> installed with apt-get. It requires python, scons, zlib and gcc to be
> installed already, so it is a more complicated process. Werner, if you

Sure, that is due to NSIS?  If so it would be a Debian packaging bug.



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