How can I send a public key exported with --armour option?

Pete Stephenson pete at
Sun Sep 8 10:57:49 CEST 2013

On Sun, Sep 8, 2013 at 8:37 AM, Francesco C.
<anything.everything83 at> wrote:
> Hello everybody, I'm a beginner of Gpg and encryption's world in general, so
> I apologize if my questions will be so banal.

Hi Francesco,

Welcome! No need to apologize! We're all pretty friendly here. :)

> I created a new pair of public-private keys and now I'm trying to export the
> public one.


> I read the "How-To" and it describe the more useful option --armour. I can't
> understand how to send a ASCII text print on my screen to an other user.
> Is not more useful the --output options?

You can add "--armor" (or "--armour", I had no idea that GnuPG
supported the British spelling of the word. Interesting!) to
essentially any command that involves data being output. For
consistency I will use the spelling without the "u", but both are

For example, if you created a key with the KeyID of "KEYID", you could
export the public key for it to the terminal using "gpg --export
--armor KEYID".

If you wish to export the public key to a text file which you can then
include in an email, post on the web, etc., you could use "gpg
--export --armor KEYID > filename.txt" where 'filename' is whatever
you wish the file to be called.

The armor feature is indeed quite useful, but it comes at a slight
cost: armored files/messages are slightly larger than their unarmored,
binary counterparts.


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