It's 2014. Are we there yet?

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Except when your ISP is silently subpoenaed and they satisfy it without notifying you. There's no telling what the ISP has stashed away without your knowledge. 

I have had my gmail email subpoenaed, but Google notified me when they received it that they would supply the requested data on a specific date unless I filed in a CA court reasons why they should not do so.


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 > One possible answer:

     * Where does Mailpile store my mail?
       With Mailpile, your e-mail is downloaded from the Internet
       (via an email server POP3 / IMAP), and stored locally on the
       computer where Mailpile is running.

     * Then how do I access it when my computer is turned off?
       You don't!

Exactly so.

Putting aside, for the moment, outright attacks, the individual or the enterprise that outsources its e-mail to a third party thereby creates by itself and for itself the risk of silent subpoenas delivered to their outsourcer.  If, instead, the individual or the enterprise insources its e-mail then at the very least it knows when its data assets are being sought because the subpoena comes to them.  Maybe insourcing your e-mail is too much work, but need I remind anyone that plaintext e-mail cannot be web-bugged, so why would anyone ever render HTML e-mail at all?



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