Beta for 2.1.1 available

Hugo Hinterberger Hugo.Hinterberger at
Thu Dec 11 17:15:03 CET 2014

Hi Johan,

>> The default encoding of my messages should be UTF-8, the message
>> format is set to MIME with no special text encoding (neither quoted
>> printable nor base64), and I allow 8-bit characters in headers.
> I think we have the culprit. If you do things like that, your "text"
> will probably be seen as binary data and treated as such.

On the one hand: I do not think so.
The text was completely in the US-ASCII range and showed up correctly in the 
“Clipboard” in GPA. The issue should not have been related to my settings 
for my messaging software (I do not see how).

On the other hand: I can't reproduce this issue any more, as stated in [1].



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