one key/pair for multiple email accounts

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Tue Jul 8 10:44:06 CEST 2014

> in practice, do users of gnupg find that having multiple email account
> id's     
> +added to one key/pair using that key/pair to sign and/or encrypt
> emails & files
> +more efficient to manage?                                                      
> i have mulitple email accounts and in the past had generated a
> key/pair for     
> +each, each with its own unique passphrase. i'm rethinking that
> approach.       
> curious how other uses in this situation manage their gnupg?

This depends on your situation.
If you want to be identified as one single person for all mails, you
are better use one key id and add each mail address to your primary key 
as additional identities.
If you want to hide your real identity by having multiple email 
addresses, you may create a separate identity key for each mail address.
That's what I thought.
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