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On 11/06/2014 22:43, John Clizbe wrote:
> I still have the copy from when the Enigmail team translated to message file
> from German to English six+ years ago. One file is all that needs translated
> to any new language. It should be fairly easy to implement a polyglot Adele
> site.  adele_de.pas is ISO-8859. adele_en.pas is ASCII. IMO, I think they and
> future work should probably be UTF-8/16.
> Copyright is to License (on what I have) is GPL 2.
> The source language is Pascal, specifically Gnu Pascal. The requirements from
> the INSTALL file are:
>   - GPC 2.1
>   - librx
>   - GnuPG 1.0.6
>   - GPGME 0.3.4
>   - MySQL 3.23.25
>   - any standard MTA (syntax below given for exim)
>   - cron
> I have not tried building it with fpc.
> When we did the translation work, I tested it against gpgme 0.3.15 and gnupg
> 1.4.8. The gpgme Pascal bindings need to be updated to work with the current
> version. This will probably also require some updating in the main program unit.
> -John
This is very good news!

Do you think you could upload the source files to a revision control
system website such as GitHub or any other publicly available platform
so that the community can start working on the update process? To avoid
any copyright issue we might have to use another name, at least until we
get approval to use the traditional Adele name from the copyright holder.

I hope the use of a feminine name to depict a robot doesn't raise gender
issues. Maybe we could choose a masculine name for a change. I suggest
'Werner'. ;-) Or maybe 'Phil'.

Thank you.

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