Help needed to setup Passphrase with GNUPG 2.0.26 on Solaris 10

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at
Tue Nov 4 19:09:20 CET 2014

On 10/31/2014 06:10 PM, SubramaniaRao, ravikumar wrote:
> Daniel Kahn Gillmor,
> Further I would like to give the output below when I ran ./configure
> Please help us to resolve the issue.

I'm sorry, but i don't know enough about Solaris to make sense of the
information you've provided.

Perhaps someone else on the mailing list will be able to help you better.


PS I agree with Samir Nassar on both points:

 a) if this is a system accessed remotely without a graphical UI, you
really only want the curses interface for pinentry

 b) you should not publish your passphrase to a public mailing list.
(you also shouldn't use a "famous phrase" as a passphrase, since it's
more easily guessable) -- I hope you'll choose a different passphrase.

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