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Thu Nov 13 23:42:01 CET 2014

Am Do 13.11.2014, 22:33:31 schrieb david at

> I exported my keys to a USB stick. Then I copied my .gnupg to a new
> Linux laptop. Then I imported my keys. I thought that I would be
> fine.

It is unclear to me what exactly you are talking about.

The terms "export" and "import" usually refer to the commands
gpg --export[...]
gpg --import

But it also sounds like you have copied the whole directory ~/.gnupg/

If you have copied the directory then maybe the file permissions have 
not been preserved. Check whether secring.gpg has 600. And delete the 
file random_seed.

If you have exported and imported instead then you are missing the trust 
database. You should either copy trustdb.gpg or export and import this 
data, too:

gpg --export-ownertrust
gpg --import-ownertrust

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