GnuPG 2.1.3 Fails to Compile OS X

Eric F iericf at
Thu Apr 23 03:56:10 CEST 2015

On 4/22/15 21:53 , Ben McGinnes wrote:
> On 22/04/2015 5:22 pm, Werner Koch wrote:
>> > On Sat, 18 Apr 2015 21:35, ben at said:
>> > 
>>> >> en at quot.po:54: 'msgid' and 'msgstr' entries do not both end with '\n'
>>> >> en at quot.po:58: 'msgid' and 'msgstr' entries do not both end with '\n'
>> > 
>>> >> but no need to paste them all in); obviously the cause is somewhere
>>> >> in those sed or make rules.  I'm just not certain of the right place
>> > 
>> > That script (po/quot.po) did not changed for more than a decade.  I
>> > guess your sed is broken (did you recently update it)?
> Nope, there's only one sed on the system, the default one in /usr/bin
> and that appears to be the semi-standard FreeBSD one compiled for OS X
> Mach.
Yes, sed in OS X is a little bit different. “Sed'ing” an output is fine,
but when to change/write something in a file it's different.Example:

gnu sed:    sed -i 's/foo/bar/g' foobar.txt
osx sed:    sed -i '' 's/foo/bar/g' foobar.txt

I've updated sed to gnu's sed(-4.2 <>) and
it works fine. (+ an updated libiconv).

    ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --with-libiconv-prefix=/usr/local

(Haven't compiled gnupg though).


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