Please consider joining Bountysource Salt to collect recurring donations

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Thu Dec 10 17:33:44 CET 2015

> Wow, actual Donate page turned out to be a secret area, not obvious to
> get to it (it looks like a menu header, not a menu entry).

Then that's a problem we should look into, and thanks for telling us
about it.  :)

> - subj enables recurring donations (personally I am not willing to make
> large one-time transcation),

Recurring donations would be a nice feature.  We should look into this.

> - subj is a place where people eager to give go to find whom to give,

See my next remark.

> - subj is new, it gains popularity and gets people attention, so
> somebody would consider GnuPG when reviewing projects available for funding.

You just said it's a place where people eager to give go to find whom to
give... but now you're saying that it's new.  If it's new, that means
they're still beginning to attract users and build their own reputation.
 So which is it?  Is it a place with a lot of users and a reputation for
being a place where people looking to give can find worthy projects, or
is it just starting out and needs to gain popularity?

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