Please consider joining Bountysource Salt to collect recurring donations

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Thu Dec 10 17:49:09 CET 2015

> You just said it's a place where people eager to give go to find whom to
> give... but now you're saying that it's new.  If it's new, that means
> they're still beginning to attract users and build their own reputation.
>  So which is it?  Is it a place with a lot of users and a reputation for
> being a place where people looking to give can find worthy projects, or
> is it just starting out and needs to gain popularity?

On a lark, I checked out Bountysource Salt.

Here's their C++ projects you can support:

	Tiled: $1027 pledged this month
	ZNC: $0 this month
	TrinityCore: $0 this month
	Gammu: $0 this month
	Arduino: $0 this month
	NetMauMau: $0 this month
	MineTest: $0 this month
	NLUlite: $0 this month
	KDevelop: $0 this month $0 this month

Checking their Python project offerings:

	urllib3: $0 this month
	aspidites: $0 this month

Checking their GTK+ project offerings:

	Elementary: $302 last month
	XFCE: $118 last month
	Antergos: $21 this month
	FeedReader: $2 this month
	GNOME: $0 this month
	Switchboard: $0 this month
	Midori Browser: $0 this month
	Scratch: $0 this month
	Pantheon Photos: $0 this month
	Maya: $0 this month
	Slingshot: $0 this month
	Noise: $0 this month
	Granite: $0 this month
	WingPanel: $0 this month
	Numix: $0 this month
	Pragha Music Player: $0 this month
	Ozon OS: $0 this month
	Solus-project: $0 this month

... So, yeah.  I'm thinking this is not a credible source for
fundraising.  Arduino and GNOME, projects with *far* greater visibility,
get $0 a month from Bountysource.  I find it hard to believe we'd do
much better.

I think this is something best avoided.

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