about cartoon in FAQ 10.1. 'Correct, horse! Battery staple!'

malte at wk3.org malte at wk3.org
Fri Dec 25 18:21:09 CET 2015

It's about the randomness/unpredictability/entropy of the passphrase.

There are less grammatically correct sentences with 4 words than there
are combinations of 4 words in total.

So, yes, you can take a sentence that makes sense, but then the whole
passphrase has to be longer. There is an estimate of 1.5 bit of entropy
per character in natural language. So if you want a passphrase with 60
bits of entropy, it would need to be 40 characters long. You could reach
the same strength with 10 random characters (alphanumeric with upper and
lower case).

In the end it depends what you can remember better and what you can type



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