How to reset the PIN counter

Rainer Keller mail at
Sat Feb 7 18:39:31 CET 2015


while trying to setup gpg smart card to be used for SSH authentication the PIN 
retry counter reached 0.

I tried several things using the admin PIN in order to reset the counter:
1. "unblock PIN"
2. "change PIN"
3. Setting a "Reset Code" and using that afterwards
4. Change admin PIN

Unfortunately none of these works. If I now try to "unblock PIN" I get the 
error message "Error unblocking the PIN: Conditions of use not satisfied".

What is the official intended way to reset all PIN counters?


gpg (GnuPG) 2.0.26

gpg --card-edit
Application ID ...: D276
Version ..........: 2.0
Manufacturer .....: ZeitControl
Name of cardholder: Rainer Keller
Language prefs ...: de
Sex ..............: male
URL of public key : [not set]
Login data .......: [not set]
Signature PIN ....: forced
Key attributes ...: 2048R 2048R 4096R
Max. PIN lengths .: 32 32 32
PIN retry counter : 0 3 3
Signature counter : 0
Signature key ....: [none]
Encryption key....: [none]
Authentication key: XXX

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