Craft public key so that private key equals given string (my password)?

sben1783 sben1783 at
Fri Jan 2 13:14:26 CET 2015

 Hi all,

 maybe this question is completely stupid and only shows I didn't 
 understand anything about encryption, but anyway I'm really curious:

 I want to store some of my private files encrypted on my NAS. Until 
 now, I'm using --symmetric for encryption with a (think so) strong 
 password that I can remember. Now I want to make this "process" more 
 robust and more user-friendly - I don't want to enter my password every 
 time I'm encrypting a file. I want to sort of store the password in a 
 short script so that I just type "my_gpg /foo/bar/" and it gets done 
 without further input from me.

 Yes, I know I shouldn't store my password in a script;-) Acutally I 
 don't want to store it anywhere. Also I don't want to depend on a 
 private key that is stored somewhere. What I'd like to do is: create a 
 public key so that the corresponding private key equals my given 
 password. I could store that public key in my script and, for 
 decryption, just enter my remembered password as I do it with the 
 --symmetric option I'm currently using.

 Does this make any sense? Is it possible or did I miss some other way 
 to achieve my goal (no password for encryption, no private key for 


 P.S.: I also don't really want to set up a password agent on every 
 machine I want to encrypt files on.

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