Craft public key so that private key equals given string (my password)?

Peter Lebbing peter at
Fri Jan 2 17:14:22 CET 2015

On 02/01/15 17:04, Ben Staude wrote:
> Another thought would be to just paste the private key (encrypted by my
> password) to the gpg'd files? Of course my private key would then be sort of
> "public", but still it is as secure as using symmetric encryption with that
> password in the first place (but allowing me to use the real public key in my
> script)?

Yes, that is perfectly possible. It is just as secure as using gpg's --symmetric
mode with the same password for each file you encrypt.

> Does gpg by any chance happen to offer some feature like that..?

What feature are you asking for? It seems to me it doesn't need a feature,
doesn't need explicit support. You write a copy of the key to the same directory
as where you store the encrypted files. You write a script that fetches the
private key from there into GnuPG's secret keyring. GnuPG never needs to know ;).



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