Import pubkey to Thunderbird/Enigmail/Gpg4Win

Patrick Brunschwig patrick at
Thu Jan 8 17:52:15 CET 2015

On 08.01.15 16:59, gnupgpacker wrote:
> Hello,
> if importing a public gpg rsa key to current Thunderbird/Enigmail/Gpg4Win on
> Win7-64, there is an issue with German Umlaute, pls refer to attached
> screenshot.
> Exported key has been created by GPG-1.4.18/Win7-64, importing Enigmail
> works with GPG4Win (GPG-2.0.26)/Win7-64.
> Everything (signing, encryption...) works as expected, so maybe it is a
> display error only!?
> Bugfix possible?

That's a problem with Enigmail, not GnuPG.

It's only a display problem; if you go to the key manager, you should
see the Umlauts correctly. And no, this can't be properly fixed.


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