gpg-connect-agent querying max-cache-ttl

Peter Lebbing peter at
Mon Jan 12 22:00:31 CET 2015

On 12/01/15 21:48, Rob Fries wrote:
> But I am not looking for the value in the "configuration", I am looking for
> the "time remaining" until a passphrase expires.

Oh ah!

Have you considered these two options:

1) gpgconf says the ttl is a 32-bit unsigned number. Have you tried entering the
value 4294967295 and making a mental note to rethink that strategy when your
system reaches an uptime of more than 136 years? (I got the impression you
didn't have ttl issues with your current solution, so I inferred this might be
because it doesn't expire).

2) You say you preset the passphrase with gpg-preset-passphrase. Have you
considered writing a wrapper script that does nothing but call
gpg-preset-passphrase and write a timestamp in some file? The actual ttl can
then be computed from the timestamp and the gpgconf output.

This might help you out without needing a feature that indeed isn't present AFAIK.



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