Not only in GPA, but all GPG client isn't functioning in ubuntu.

georgeorwellhardwired at georgeorwellhardwired at
Tue Jan 20 09:52:54 CET 2015

Dear GPG devs and users.

Like I've posted before, I have had problems with GPA. On Thu 2015-01-15 
05:42:20 -0500, georgeorwellhardwired at wrote:

     Every time I use GPA in ubuntu it says, when I start GPA: "GnuPG is 
rebuilding the trust database. This might take a few seconds." And I can 
wait for hours, while nothing happens.

But it is not only the GPA client for GPG that isn't working in ubuntu, 
it's all GnuGpgg clients.

Here is what the other clients is showing me, when opening and trying to 
generate pgp clients:

The Kleopatra GPG UI Server Module could not be initialized.
The error given was: Could not bind to socket: Permission denied
You can use Kleopatra as a certificate manager, but cryptographic 
plugins that rely on a GPG UI Server being present might not work 
correctly, or at all.

Gnupg failed to start. You must fix the GnuPG error first before running 
Kgpg.  Error in Kgpg.

Couldn't generate PGP key. General error. In seahorse GPG manager 
password and keys.

And I know I'm not the only one that have had these problems.

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