Merging private subkeys into other key

Juan Miguel Navarro Martínez juanmi.3000 at
Sat Jul 4 17:38:09 CEST 2015

El 04/07/2015 a las 16:34, Viktor Dick escribió:
> Hi,> [...]
> It seems it is necessary to delete the> complete key from them first
and then re-import them. Or is there a> better way?

For now, that's the only way I know of how to merge them, which is what
I did and I think you said, get the master key and the different subkeys
in different files (ex. masterkey.gpg, encryption_subkey.gpg,
windows_subkey.gpg, linux_subkey.gpg, android_subkey.gpg...), create a
temp folder or delete the secret keys from the current keyring.

Then import them back, do whatever changes I need and export the whole
thing after that so I can easily import the whole thing back for new
changes. And, of course, either remove the non-needed subkeys from the
keyring (as in delete the Windows and Android secret parts from the
Linux keyring) or shred the temporary keyring depending on what method I

If someone else knows another easy way that can help you (and I guess me
as well though it's not too much of an annoyance for me as I may do that

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