Merging private subkeys into other key

Viktor Dick viktordick86 at
Sat Jul 4 18:18:53 CEST 2015

OK, it seems that the actual problem was that --export-secret-subkeys
does not work if I leave the passphrase empty. Since my hard disks are
encrypted, I usually do not have passphrases for my secret keys and
since GnuPG 2.0 this created some problems. When I exported them with a
passphrase and imported them, giving that passphrase, they are correctly
merged into the existing key. Afterwards the passphrase can be deleted
I now also understand why gnupg is always asking multiple times for a
(new) passphrase when exporting or changing the passphrase - it seems to
have a different passphrase for each subkey. Of course this is not very
helpful if the dialog does not specify which key is about to be changed.
I guess I should file a bug report for this, if I create a new subkey
every year it will take quite a while to export the complete key if I
have to type a passphrase for each of them in a few years...


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