Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Thu May 21 21:55:41 CEST 2015

> This proposal is to provide an alternative to the openpgp block 
> messages, in the form of a uri ( e.g. `http://` ).

The format of a URI is, generally, "mechanism:address for that
mechanism".  For instance, email has a URI scheme:

	mailto:rjh at

FTP has one, too:

HTTP has them:

Filesystems have them:


There's an ISO standard for serial numbers:


Heck, there's even a URI scheme for Gopher.


You'll notice that for each of them, the first element in the URI is the
protocol by which a network resource should be obtained.  Web resources
start with "http:" to let people know to use HTTP to obtain them.  Mail
links start with "mailto:" to let people know they need an email client
to obtain the resource (or, in that case, deliver to that resource).  Etc.

It seems to me that you're confused as to what a URI is.  Your proposal
actually *delivers content*, as opposed to telling people where they can
find/deliver content and what protocol they should use to access it.

There may be some good ideas in this proposal, but there seems to be
such a misunderstanding of URIs and how they work that I'm not inclined
to delve too deeply.

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