Paper backup

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Mon Apr 25 16:08:30 CEST 2016

> [2] It's real nice to hear people talk about this, but there are so many
> things that could change.

It annoys me when I hear people talk about this.  :)  IMO, it's the sort
of thing that tends to get parroted by people who haven't thought things

When people talk about key length and say "so I'm good for twenty
years," I wince.  Because they also need to be talking about the rather
extreme measures they'll also need to take to ensure their private key
is never compromised, they're able to read their data, the data is
preserved, the certificate is preserved, etcetera, for a 20-year period.

When talking about anything past about a five-year window, you really
need to spend more time thinking about the data archiving problem than
you do about cryptography.

Preaching to the choir, Peter, I know...

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