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Thu Apr 28 11:26:52 CEST 2016

El día Thursday, April 28, 2016 a las 11:02:30AM +0200, Paolo Bolzoni escribió:

> I think this text (or variants) are old as email itself and actually,
> while funny, makes little sense.
> When you follow an email thread you do not read everything, you just
> read the new email and it makes little difference if it is in the top.
> Besides most email clients actually put an indentation in the quoted
> text so it should look like:

I have the feeling (and even could proof this with examples) that top
posters do not even read about what they are posting on top of. They just
want to say something, sometimes useless, because it is already
said/answered a few lines down).

Speaking more technically, the problem is that 'modern' MUA, like
OutLook crap, thunderbird or other browser-like MUA do not invite to
post and quote correctly. They put the cursor above the first line
(sometimes you can not even configure this, and also not the correct
citation with '> ') and they do not provide the required tools/commands to trim
the old text, i.e. for example delete 150 lines with just saying '150dd'
or '.,$-20d' or others. In these 'modern' MUA you must carefully place
the cursor with the mouse, highlight even more carefully the text you
want to delete, and doing this with the limitation of a smartphone is
really a PITA.

That's why I do prefer 'mutt' and 'vim'.


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