Paolo Bolzoni paolo.bolzoni.brown at
Thu Apr 28 11:49:21 CEST 2016

> Speaking more technically, the problem is that 'modern' MUA, like
> OutLook crap, thunderbird or other browser-like MUA do not invite to
> post and quote correctly. They put the cursor above the first line
> (sometimes you can not even configure this, and also not the correct
> citation with '> ') and they do not provide the required tools/commands to trim
> the old text, i.e. for example delete 150 lines with just saying '150dd'
> or '.,$-20d' or others. In these 'modern' MUA you must carefully place
> the cursor with the mouse, highlight even more carefully the text you
> want to delete, and doing this with the limitation of a smartphone is
> really a PITA.

The modern editors are indeed part of the problem. Don't get me wrong,
I am all for fancy screens, pleasant colors, GUIs, and modernity. But
what I do not understand why break down and remove what it does work
already.  Another example that sometime drive me crazy is the lack of
regular expressions in "Search" functions.

However, you can move around with keyboard even in "modern" mua. When
using normal keyboards I think you are exagerating a bit. The problem
is indeed annoying with limited keyboards, though.

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