Standard gnupg folder created despite --homedir parameter

Carola Grunwald caro at
Thu Aug 11 00:22:20 CEST 2016

On Wed, 10 Aug 2016 10:40:29 +0200, Peter Lebbing
<peter at> wrote:

>On 10/08/16 01:23, Carola Grunwald wrote:
>> May I ask how that translates into the Windows world?  Is it a way to
>> get rid of the ...\AppData\Roaming\gnupg folder?
>While the directory names give off a strong Unixy vibe[1], the text says "On
>Windows systems" and "under Windows". Have you tried to create those
>directories? I don't think there is any "translation", this is how you should do
>it on Windows specifically. (The gpgconf tool is also indicated as
>'gpgconf.exe', on Unix systems it would not have an extension.)
>Try this:
>[1] Heck, /usr/local/var/cache/gnupg is the concatenation of two standard Linux
>directory names. Two for the price of one! It's an odd one, that. Makes you
>wonder whether it's a copy-paste error.

Many many thanks Werner & Peter,

You made my day!

It works great the way you told me.  Please excuse my slow-wittedness
concerning the unixoid folder names.  Marvellous support here.

Keep on with your important work!



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