Something strange with Stephan Becks Signatures?

Matthias Mansfeld m.mansfeld at
Fri Dec 9 01:52:53 CET 2016

Hello, maybe someone has similar effects or can give me a hint where 
to look. If not, it's OK...

Windows 7 pro(64), GPGRelay 9.962 (a POP3/SMTP "proxy" or better 
local relay for GnuPG), GnuPG 1.4.18, Pegasus Mail 4.72de

Based on something strange on my computer (blocked memory etc. up to 
explorer.exe freeze after some hours running) finally my GnuPG 
freezes >> GPGRelay freezes waiting for GnuPG >> my Mail client 
freezes waiting for GPGRelay, and the common is nearly always, it 
freezes mostly exactly during loading a signed mail from Stephan 

Just killing all tasks doesn't help, it needs shutdown/reeboot from 
the whole Windows7. Then all these mails including Stephan's mail 
load fine, Signature veryfies fine etc...

Any ideas? Is something "special" with Stephan's signature or why 
happen these crashes mostly exactly with Stephan's mails?


Fingerprint: 6563 057D E6B8 9105 1CE4 18D0 4056 1F54 8B59 40EF

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