Something strange with Stephan Becks Signatures?

Stephan Beck stebe at
Fri Dec 9 15:01:00 CET 2016

Hi Matthias,

Matthias Mansfeld:
> Hello, maybe someone has similar effects or can give me a hint where 
> to look. If not, it's OK...
> Windows 7 pro(64), GPGRelay 9.962 (a POP3/SMTP "proxy" or better 
> local relay for GnuPG), GnuPG 1.4.18, Pegasus Mail 4.72de
> Based on something strange on my computer (blocked memory etc. up to 
> explorer.exe freeze after some hours running) finally my GnuPG 
> freezes >> GPGRelay freezes waiting for GnuPG >> my Mail client 
> freezes waiting for GPGRelay, and the common is nearly always, it 
> freezes mostly exactly during loading a signed mail from Stephan 
> Beck.

Well, I can't say that I feel honored by so many references to my name,
but have you checked that (I suspect compatibility of PGP plugin and
your PM version as a probable reason)

1) the PGP-plugin you use is the latest as on (1)
2) this latest version of the PGP plugin (for use in 4.72) is already
made fit for Windows7
[BeginQuote]IMPORTANT NOTE ON RELEASE CHANGES: Every major release
change of the underlying systems (Windows, Pegasus Mail or PGP) may
cause problems with the currently available version of this extension.
As long as new versions aren't explicitly mentioned here there is no
sufficient experience with using it with new versions of the above
listed software (with regard to that I request you to any problems that
are not covered in this documentation - especially with new versions of
3) is configured properly concerning PGP/MIME support: see section Using
the Program--> PGP/MIME encryption
4) gnupg 1.4.18 for Windows' debug output
5) you are using a Windows 32-bit-application in a 64 bit Windows7
environment; that should work in general, but may give some issues. I
haven't investigated further here.
6) in general, for Windows 7 "debugging light": see "Event Logging"
(DE_DE=Ereignisanzeige) and look for entries in the various log files,
filtering as needed
7) for Windows Debugging heavy, download the Win7 Debugging Tools (4)

As to logging I only found that PegasusMail(3) has a WMP log file for
debugging purposes but it is not editable, as to (2).I looked for
something similar to Enigmail's console (with error logging).



--> Debugging tools for W7-W10 (from the sdk)

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