Something strange with Stephan Becks Signatures?

Stephan Beck stebe at
Sun Dec 11 10:40:00 CET 2016

Stephan Beck:
> Hi Matthias,
> Matthias Mansfeld:
>> Hello, maybe someone has similar effects or can give me a hint where 
>> to look. If not, it's OK...
>> Windows 7 pro(64), GPGRelay 9.962 (a POP3/SMTP "proxy" or better 
>> local relay for GnuPG), GnuPG 1.4.18, Pegasus Mail 4.72de
>> Based on something strange on my computer (blocked memory etc. up to 
>> explorer.exe freeze after some hours running) finally my GnuPG 
>> freezes >> GPGRelay freezes waiting for GnuPG >> my Mail client 
>> freezes waiting for GPGRelay, and the common is nearly always, it 
>> freezes mostly exactly during loading a signed mail from Stephan 
>> Beck.
> Well, I can't say that I feel honored by so many references to my name,
> but have you checked that (I suspect compatibility of PGP plugin and
> your PM version as a probable reason)

Matthias Mansfeld, could you resolve your problem or further track it
down? If you remain that quiet (or you might even have gone on holiday,
have you?), people unfortunately tend to believe that you are just a
fudger, like the one guy, David, can't even remember his name, who asked
me first in private, and when I told him to publish it on the list for
everyone to see, he did that, I (and other people) answered him and he
didn't say a word again. You know what a fudger is, don't you?
Ah, and I'd urgently recommend to revoke (or have expired) at least the
1024 bit subkey for encryption, as it's obsolete (for some years now).
If you don't know how it works, just ask the list ;-)



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