Fwd: Re: Are ZLIB and ZLIB2 no longer supported in GnuPG?

Antony Prince antony at blazrsoft.com
Sat Feb 27 18:57:08 CET 2016

>On February 26, 2016 2:23:12 PM EST, Anthony Papillion
><anthony at cajuntechie.org> wrote:
>    I recently compiled the latest version of GnuPG 2 from source
>(.29, I believe) and, when I tried to use it, was told that I had
>invalid options in my .conf file. Specifically, it told me that ZLIB
>and ZLIB2 weren't supported as compression algos.
>Are those two algos no longer supported by GnuPG or was this just a
>compile flag that I didn't pass it? If they aren't supported, are
>there any security or usability implications to only using ZIP for

I replied to this yesterday, but forgot to reply to the list. I also
top-posted and used HTML. LOL. Forgot to change the defaults in K-9
mail. Anyway, my reply was as follows:

Depending on your distro, you'll need to install the bzip or bzip2
development libraries. I had the same issue on Ubuntu until I installed
libbz2-devel I believe it was. If the compression development libraries
are missing, gnupg will just compile without support for them. Hopefully
this will point you in the right direction. I could be mistaken though.


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