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Tue Nov 15 16:54:58 CET 2016


I can no longer use my laptop where I had gnupg, Thunderbird, and Enigmail
installed.  I do have my keys backed-up on an accessible medium.

Now I am thinking I might like to avoid from now on being dependent on
local hardware.  Any ideas, tips, random thoughts on how I could use gnupg
from any random Internet cafe or library computer?

Has anyone gotten around the problem of USB HDs being so easily
compromised?  It would be convenient to run gnupg from a USB stick with a
card reader plugged into another USB port but I don't believe that is safe.

For instance, I am currently using a computer (a Mac) at a local university
for which I have a temporary login account.  I have shell access but no
administrative privileges.  Even if I could install software on my account
I would not want to.  There's also no DVD installed.

Excuse the cliche but I am trying to describe being a "road warrior"
without the laptop.  Let's say no hardware at all except my card reader and
pin pad and maybe a near field radio id device and of course an android
phone :-) which I have gnupg on but haven't figured out yet how to
effectively use it.

Any help is appreciated.

Best Regards,

Duane Whitty
duane at
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