:-(( Re: smart card no longer works

Philip Jackson philip.jackson at nordnet.fr
Sun Sep 11 12:28:11 CEST 2016

On 10/09/16 20:56, Stephan Beck wrote:
> Have you recreated the key stubs on the new system after having imported
> your public key first?
No - how do you do that ?  I am just a user nunky-dunk.

> And before, still on 14.04, did you use the --export-secret-keys command?

Not specifically before doing the clean install of 1604. I didn't know I
had to. I backed up all my home directory and saved a few other things
that occurred to me but nothing specifically for gnupg (except the old
.gnupg in the home directory).
> Which were the steps you have taken for "migrating" keys to the new
> installation?

I copied into the .gnupg directory of the new installation the files
that I have copied over onto other machines in the past : pubring,
secring,trustdb, and conf files.

> And, by the way, does the screen output in your previous mail really
> show that a subkey with the same ID as the pubkey (so, a duplicate of
> the pubkey) is being used for decrypting a file encrypted to your
> pubkey? I mean, that wouldn't make sense in terms of public key
> cryptography and is duly canceled by gpg.
> Am I missing something?

The screen output was just what gpg (1.4.20) displayed. After I solved
the missing scdaemon issue, gpg2 (2.1.11) produces the same output.

There doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the encrypted file
because it decrypts fine (as I noted) using my pre-smartcard secring.

It looks like I got the process of moving to a new installation wrong.
So I am in need of a precise process description to start again and do
it correctly.

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