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Marko Bauhardt marko.bauhardt at
Wed Feb 8 08:23:18 CET 2017

I’m using GPG 2.0.30 on osx. My goal is to not save any private key on any machine i’m using.

So i bought me a smart card (yubikey) to save my private keys there. I have 3 keys, sign/encrypt/auth. Everything works so far.
I’m using the gpg-agent to use my authentication subkey from my yubikey to login on a ssh machine. It works also. But in this case a new key is generated under `gnupg/private-keys-v1.d`.

My question is. What is this for a key and for what is that key used for? The folder name `private-keys-v1.d` sounds like to store keys from GPG version 1.x. But i’m using 2.0.x. Any comments about his folder?

As i said before, i want to not save any key on my machine. And for now i’m not sure if i reach this goal because this new key sounds like it is a private key.



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