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Damien Goutte-Gattat dgouttegattat at
Wed Feb 8 10:17:03 CET 2017


On 02/08/2017 08:23 AM, Marko Bauhardt wrote:
> My question is. What is this for a key and for what is that key used
> for? The folder name `private-keys-v1.d` sounds like to store keys
> from GPG version 1.x. But i’m using 2.0.x. Any comments about his
> folder?

This folder holds all the private keys. It was initially used only by 
gpgsm (for S/MIME keys), but since GnuPG 2.1 it is also used by gpg (for 
OpenPGP keys). The "v1" part in the name has nothing to do with the 
version of GnuPG.

> As i said before, i want to not save any key on my machine. And for
> now i’m not sure if i reach this goal because this new key sounds
> like it is a private key.

Even when your private keys are stored on a smartcard, you would still 
have a corresponding file in the private-keys-v1.d directory. But this 
file is only a "stub", that is, it only tells GnuPG that the actual key 
material is stored on a smartcard.


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