gpg-agent/pinentry: How to verify calling application

Hartmut Knaack knaack.h at
Sun Nov 5 18:47:07 CET 2017

Hartmut Knaack wrote on 15.07.2017 16:02:
> Hi,
> on my machine running Linux and a recent KDE/Plasma, pinentry-qt
> occasionally starts right after logging in and asks for my passphrase.
> Is there any way to track down, which process asks gpg-agent for my private
> key? Preferably, I would like pinentry to inform, which process actually is
> the source of the key request.
> Thanks
> Hartmut

I just wanted to report back on my issue. So, I actually ran the KWallet
configuration program (kwalletmanager5) and found the main switch in the
properties-menu to disable KWallet in my user account. It has been some
months now, and I have never been annoyed by randomly popping up pinentry
ever since.
Thanks for the help to guide me into the right direction.


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