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Alessandro Vesely vesely at
Tue Dec 11 12:35:57 CET 2018

Hi all,

I'm trying to spread use of OpenPGP among users of my tiny mail server.  I'm
recommending 4096-bit keys on smart card, which seems to be the safest bet for
a long lasting setup.  I print email addresses on the cards, and publish their
keys on the web server's wkd.

My problem is with smart cards readers.  Floss-shop's cards are perfect for a
PC, but difficult for smartphones.  I'm not using smartphones, and I don't see
how anything related could be considered to be secure.  However, people uses
them, and mounting an external device in order to read iso7816 cards sounds
cumbersome given that many of them can do near field communication (NFC)
natively.  Is it possible to get OpenPGP functionality on one of those
contactless cards?

Let me add that, after several years of iso7816 cards issued by local
administrations, Italian government is introducing iso14443 cards.  That seems
to be a common trend in Europe:

Is there anything I can do to foster GnuPG development on such kind of cards?


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