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> 1. GPG is maintained by volunteers. If you have any complaint about how
> this maintenance is progressing, get off your behind and be a volunteer

That is fortunately not true.  I work full time on GnuPG and related
software, Gniibe is working at least half-time on it, Ben started to
work half-time and Andre spends most of his paid time on Gpg4win and
also GnuPG.

This is possible due to our generous donors as well as from a few
successful projects we did in the last 3 years.

> 2. GPG 1.4 will not suddenly vanish if it is no longer maintained.
> People can still use it like before. Maybe they shouldn't, but they can.

Right; we keep it - it is important to have a way to decrypt old data.
Some minor changes will be done over time but for example, mitigation's
against side-channel attacks and such won't happen.  It does not require
a lot of resources.

> What I percieve a lot in this thread are variations of "I wanna stay in
> bed for five more minutes mommy". I wonder if Werner and Robert should




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