Python Bindings for GPGME

Yugesh Kothari kothariyugesh at
Tue May 8 06:16:36 CEST 2018

Hello all,

I'm looking to write a GUI around the existing philosophy-of-use of
EasyGnuPG ( as part of my GSoC project
this summers. I was therefore looking to find the best ways to wrap GnuPG
from Python scripts rather than using outputs from gpg2 binary. I see there
are two principal bindings available PyMe and PyGPGME.

Both seem to be relatively un-maintained for the past few years now (2008
for PyMe and 2012 for PyGPGME):

Some of the features I'd like to be working with are:

1. Encrypting/Decrypting files. Decryption done using user's default

2. Listing keys and encryption sub-keys.

3. Maintaining contacts

4. Generating new keys

So, my question is - has anyone worked with Python and GPGME? Which
bindings are better in your opinion?
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