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Werner Koch wk at
Mon May 28 13:20:36 CEST 2018

On Thu, 24 May 2018 21:46, trinh.randy at said:
> I have recently cross compiled gpgme for a program I am working on but
> gpgme fails to function as expected as I get an error saying an environment
> variable cannot be found -- verbose in this case doesn't really elaborate
> on what that missing environment variable may be.


  GPGME_DEBUG=9:logfile: yourprogram

to see what is going on.

> I have checked gpgconf --check-program and noticed that the scdaemon path
> is incorrect but I both don't know how to change the path -- and whether or

Let us konow why you think it is incorrect.  For example scdaemon is by
default installed to /usr/local/libexec - which is correct according to
some file system standards but not by all.  But it does not matter all
tools starting at the gpgme library have a consistent view of which
components are to be run.

> Does anyone have any possible idea as to why I can't seem to access my
> private-keys on my cross compiled device?

Decrypt by hand (i.e. "gpg -v -d ....") to check additional diagnostics.
If that doe not help, configure a log file for gpg-agent.



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