Keysigning party: after the event challenges

Peter Lebbing peter at
Sat Feb 9 12:48:55 CET 2019

Hello André,

On 09/02/2019 09:06, André Ockers wrote:
> - 171 official keysigning party participants, of who 107 showed up to my
> awareness;

This is going to be a pain to do manually. But you don't have to! As the
FOSDEM keysigning party page[1] notes, "You may find caff a helpful tool."
(last sentence of the page, not counting the footer).

If you open your ksp-fosdem2019.txt file and put "x" in every checkbox
you have checked on your paper list, you can feed this text file with
checkmarks directly to caff and it will import the keys for you *and*
verify their fingerprints! It will only consider entries with checkmarks
for both "Fingerprint OK" and "ID OK", so only when the participant has
acknowledged their fingerprint matches and you have marked that you find
their identification papers match.

The FOSDEM KSP offers a keyring with all the keys from the party. You
can feed that to caff as well and it won't even need to fetch the keys
from a keyserver (which might not have all keys).

My suggestion is to look for "caff" and documentation and try that
before you verify 107 fingerprints manually :-). If you still hit
problems, report back here and we can take a further look.

> - 5 participants have a key on the keyserver in a for Enigmail
> downloadable state;

That sounds odd, there might be something malfunctioning. But if you use
caff, you don't need Enigmail. And if you use the supplied keyring from
the party, you don't need to use a keyserver at all.




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