Keysigning party: after the event challenges

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Sun Feb 10 15:36:05 CET 2019

Hi Peter,

Thank you very much.

Op 09-02-19 om 12:48 schreef Peter Lebbing:
> Hello André,
> On 09/02/2019 09:06, André Ockers wrote:
>> - 171 official keysigning party participants, of who 107 showed up to my
>> awareness;
> This is going to be a pain to do manually. But you don't have to! As the
> FOSDEM keysigning party page[1] notes, "You may find caff a helpful tool."
> (last sentence of the page, not counting the footer).
> If you open your ksp-fosdem2019.txt file and put "x" in every checkbox
> you have checked on your paper list, you can feed this text file with
> checkmarks directly to caff and it will import the keys for you *and*
> verify their fingerprints! It will only consider entries with checkmarks
> for both "Fingerprint OK" and "ID OK", so only when the participant has
> acknowledged their fingerprint matches and you have marked that you find
> their identification papers match.


> The FOSDEM KSP offers a keyring with all the keys from the party. You
> can feed that to caff as well and it won't even need to fetch the keys
> from a keyserver (which might not have all keys).
> My suggestion is to look for "caff" and documentation and try that
> before you verify 107 fingerprints manually :-). If you still hit
> problems, report back here and we can take a further look.

Following documentation [1], I checked that I have Postfix installed and
now I'm here [2]

$ sudo postconf -e 'relayhost ='
[sudo] wachtwoord voor andre:
postconf: fatal: open /etc/postfix/ for reading: No such file or

Best regards,

André Ockers


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