Problem with generating Brainpool P-512

Vojtěch Širůček vojtas199 at
Wed Feb 13 20:11:31 CET 2019


I have encountered quite unusual problem.

I had been able to already generate brainpool keys but it is quite a
time ago but when I try to generate them now the gpg fails with

    gpg: signing failed: Invalid length
    gpg: make_keysig_packet failed: Invalid length
    Key generation failed: Invalid length
    [GNUPG:] ERROR key_generate 67109003

and in syslog I have found this

    gpg-agent[pid]: a 256 bit hash is not valid for a 512 bit ECC key
    gpg-agent[pid]:command 'PKSIGN' failed: Invalid length

Full debug in paste

I would appreciate any input

Best regards


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