How to specify ca-cert-file as a path relative to ~?

amuza amuza at
Wed Feb 20 17:33:00 CET 2019

> I recently asked whether you got a warning regarding this option.

Everything works fine if I set the full path. If I use relative paths
and try, for instance, gpg --search-keys user at domain.tld, I get the

gpg: searching for "user at domain.tld" from hkps server
gpgkeys: HTTP search error 77:
gpg: key "user at domain.tld" not found on keyserver
gpg: keyserver internal error
gpg: keyserver search failed: keyserver error

> tell us what
> version of gpg you are using (gpg --version).


I can also see I have 2.1.11 installed. However, I always use the gpg
command, I have never used the gpg2 command.

I have just tried now:

$ gpg2 --search-keys user at domain.tld
gpg: keyserver option 'ca-cert-file' is obsolete; please use
'hkp-cacert' in dirmngr.conf
gpg: failed to start the dirmngr '/usr/bin/dirmngr': No such file or
gpg: connecting dirmngr at '/home/Alice/.gnupg/S.dirmngr' failed: No
such file or directory
gpg: error searching keyserver: No dirmngr
gpg: keyserver search failed: No dirmngr

So it seems I have version 2 installed, but not that dirmngr thing.

> Note: Since gnupg 2.1 the above option is obsolete and has no effect.
> You need to configure non-standard CA certificates in dirmngr.conf
> instead.
> Just in case you are still using gpg 1.4.x: You may very weel run
> into problems with that if you try to access keyservers.

What kind of problems? I never had a problem when the full path was set.
Will relative paths work if I use version 2?

In that case, what should I do for the upgrade?

Any explanation or link is welcome, I don't know anything about version
2 and that dirmngr file.


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