Upload key to WKD from command line?

Wolfgang Traylor wolfgang.traylor at posteo.de
Thu Feb 14 10:53:07 CET 2019

Thank you very much for pointing to gpg-wks-client.

Werner Koch <wk at gnupg.org> schrieb am 14.02 19 08:01:
> To create a publishing request use
>   gpg-wks-client --create --send FINGERPRINT USERID

I receive the following error (with or without `--send`):

$ /lib/gnupg/gpg-wks-client --create  A8FC7FEC9A68B5E0EFA25E474521F618BBEA93C8 wolfgang.traylor at posteo.de
gpg-wks-client: submitting request to 'keys at posteo.de'
gpg-wks-client: no confirmation required for 'wolfgang.traylor at posteo.de'
gpg-wks-client: Warning: policy requires 'mailbox-only' - adding user id 'wolfgang.traylor at posteo.de'
gpg-wks-client: gpg: key "A8FC7FEC9A68B5E0EFA25E474521F618BBEA93C8" not found: No secret key
gpg-wks-client: error running '/usr/bin/gpg': exit status 2
gpg-wks-client: adding user id failed: General error
gpg-wks-client: creating request failed: General error

I have my secret subkeys on a smartcard (unlocked when issuing the command). Could that be the issue?
Or do I even need my secret primary key?

My GnuPG version: 2.2.13
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