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On Tue, 19 Feb 2019 18:26:39 +0100
Ralph Seichter <abbot at> writes, and having writ moves on:

>I have written to the list owners but did not receive a reply yet, and
>I also wonder if anybody else has experienced this:
>I tried to subscribe with new at dom.ain and unsubscribe with old at dom.ain
>by sending email to gnupg-users-request at from each of this
>addresses. Firstly, I find it very irritating that messages to the
>mailing list robot are subjected to greylisting delay of at least one
>hour. Secondly, I have received two replies with different confirmation
>codes for each of my (un)subscription attempts -- four codes total.
>It seems to me that the mailing list robot is experiencing hiccups. Can
>anybody here confirm this?

When you sent mail to <gnupg-users-request at> what did you use
as the Subject?

Did you try the unsubscribe URL found in the "List-Unsubscribe:" header
of each email sent to the list? 

Mike Yetto
"The hard but just rule is that if the ideas don't work, you must throw
them away. Don't waste any neurons on what doesn't work.  Devote those
neurons to new ideas that better explain the data.  Valid criticism is
doing you a favor."
 - Carl Sagan
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