Problems while joining/leaving this mailing list

Ralph Seichter abbot at
Wed Feb 20 04:02:00 CET 2019

* Michael A. Yetto:

> When you sent mail to <gnupg-users-request at> what did you use
> as the Subject?

I used "subscribe" and "unsubscribe" as subjects for my (un)subscription
attempts, as shown in the List-Subscribe and List-Unsubscribe headers.
I also tried to unsubscribe using the URL provided in the headers, in
which case I received one confirmation code per attempt (not two per
attempt like with the mail interface), but these codes were rejected
in the web form.

I've since managed to unsub my old address, but something definitely
feels borked here. I have "rolled" my address for about a dozen mailing
lists over the last two days, and gnupg-users is the only ML which
caused problems.


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