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Stefan Claas sac at
Mon Jul 1 17:26:29 CEST 2019

Andrew Gallagher wrote:

> On 2019/07/01 15:13, Stefan Claas via Gnupg-users wrote:
> > I agree with Professor Green. Maybe he and his students can
> > program a POC something more simple, preferably in Golang and
> > while using the NaCl* library.
> Golang? Not Rust? :-P

He he, I have tried to compile sequoia-pgp under Windows 10
and failed miserably, do to the "excellent" compile instructions
for Windows. I played with Rust in the past, under macOS, and
never had problems.

What I would like to do is to create a binary of sequoia-pgp under
Windows 10 and then use the binary under Windows 7, offline.

With Golang it would be no big deal, because that is super easy,
but as understood the openpgp libs for Golang are not so good
as the Rust ones.

> Who wants to copy and paste messages? That's soooo 1995.

Me for example :-) Why? I use encryption tools *offline*
on my Notebook and then copy/paste the encrypted messages
into CoolTerm to transfer them then via my USB to USB Nullmodem
cable to my online computer. :-)
> > A real "modern" GnuPG should be IMHO the same as PGP was GUI based
> > back then. The GUI could be also cross-platform QT based, for
> > example.
> You can't script a GUI, but you can GUI a CLI - and there is no shortage
> of decent GUI interfaces for GnuPG.

I am aware of that, but I do have (Golang) tools which work as cli
tools and they can be used with an extra written GUI program, if
someone likes to do so. Very handy!


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