import of multiple secret keys is stopped as soon as a wrong password for one of the secret keys is entered

Ahmad ialternatem at
Fri Aug 7 19:16:10 CEST 2020


I am having trouble importing keys from an old private key ring that I
recovered from a back-up hard drive that is about 10 years old:  PGP
Private Keyring.skr. There are at least 10 pairs of keys in the ring and
when I import (either by drag and drop into GPGKeychain; or from the
command line), I get a prompt at each private key for the passphrase prior
to being able to import the next key.

The issue is that I lost the password for one of the keys (the third one in
the list) and I can't get past this to the next keys.

Is there any to get around this?

I have the public key information for all the other keys, is there a way I
can selectively bypass this problematic lost key? ie. is there a way I can
import the other private keys without knowing the passphrase from the one
problematic key pair in the PGP Private Keyring.skr file?

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