Unknown key in gpg-agent

Klaus Ethgen Klaus at ethgen.ch
Fri Aug 14 15:31:26 CEST 2020


I have one key in my gpg agent that I do not remember anymore and do not
know where it comes from.

`KEYINFO --list` showes me one key (no ssh key), that I do not know. I can
preseed that key with a known passphrase what suggests that I had it in
gnupg once.

However, `gpg --list-keys --list-options show-unusable-subkeys
--with-keygrip` does not display this keygrip.

Is there any posibility to export that key or get info about that key,
find it whatever?

As the key is in the agent, there is a corresponding .key file in

So, ssh-add does not show the key (as well as KEYINFO --ssh-list) and
gpg doesnt show the key. What could have put that key there when it is
none of that commands?

By the way, using '&KEYGRIP' does not work with gpg to select a key for
listing by keygrip.


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