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Generally when something is "banned from Youtube" and the reason for the
ban wasn't that it was outright pornography, copyrighted content, or
illegal content, you can rest assured that the "banned video" is some
Grade A Prime Whackadoo McCrazy Bullshit and that you will become dumber
if you watch it. 

On 8/19/20 9:31 AM, Stefan Claas wrote:
> Stefan Claas wrote:
>> ಚಿರಾಗ್ ನಟರಾಜ್ via Gnupg-users wrote:
>>> Isn't the NSO group Israeli, not Russian as claimed in the video?
>> Yes, as understood. I think it really doesn't matter where Pegasus does come from.
> Sorry for being now probably completely off-topic, but when it comes to informations we find
> on the Internet and/or are discussing if videos or informations are faked, or some people
> like to guide us in wrong directions, I would highly recommend to watch Millie Weaver's
> 'Shadow Gate' documentary, which was released a couple of days ago and is already banned
> on YouTube and Facebook.
> Regards
> Stefan
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