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Calling that a documentary is like me tattooing angel wings on my back
and trying to pass as an attack helicopter.

On 8/20/20 10:23 AM, Stefan Claas wrote:
> Robert J. Hansen wrote:
>>> Sorry for being now probably completely off-topic, but when it comes to informations we find
>>> on the Internet and/or are discussing if videos or informations are faked, or some people
>>> like to guide us in wrong directions, I would highly recommend to watch Millie Weaver's
>>> 'Shadow Gate' documentary, which was released a couple of days ago and is already banned
>>> on YouTube and Facebook.
>> Stefan, I'm not a list moderator and I have absolutely zero authority to
>> say this, but I'm going to say it anyway:
>> Please take this stuff elsewhere.
>> You're linking to a conspiracy theory video alleging a... look, I'm not
>> going to give these people credibility even by *summarizing* it.  It
>> should be enough to say that InfoWars is backing it.
>> It has no connection to fact or even reality, and even less than no
>> connection to GnuPG or communications security.
>> Please, I'm begging you: take it elsewhere.  It doesn't belong here.
> Hi Robert,
> at least you may agree that Millie's documentary shows viewers that since a long time private contractors
> play an important role for Intelligence Agencies.
> <>
> Regards
> Stefan
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